Roselind Wilson

Vipul Soni :

Vipul brings to the table 15 years of experience in top end design both locally and abroad. A globetrotter, coffee lover. Loves exploring each and every corner of the globe.


Shruty Shah :
Chief executive

Affectionately known as "madam perfect" by her colleagues. A bibliophile , multifaceted. Her forte is balancing the art of design and intricacies of running a busy office.


Radhika Pathak :
Chief operating associate

Wants to live in world filled with dogs, calorie free pizzas and gelatos. Insightful and a neat freak. Has a keen eye for design, She finds inspiration in travelling, music and people.


Ritika Jain :
Art Director


Devin :
3D Visualizer


Jay Chauhan :
Interior Designer

Human Wikipedia of all Bollywood movies , design details. Has a keen eye for design. Struggles to keep himself updated about all the things happening around him.


Nitin Ratnani :
Interior Designer

The most wanted and happening boy in the neighborhood. A foodaholic , A gym freak, Loves to spend hours browsing through fitness websites. The design executioner.


Jayprakash Sharma :

The man Friday in the office , The money man.


shilpa :
3d visualiser