Roselind Wilson

Roselind Wilson: Principal

Ros brings to the table 16 years experience in top end design both locally and abroad. Her BCom (Business Management) degree and Interior Design diploma allows her to balance the art of design with the intricacies of running a busy studio. She feels most inspired when walking the aisles of old libraries with marble floors and the smell of old books and feels a huge sense of freedom when witnessing a flock of birds taking to flight. Ros is inspired by the passion and independence of Andree Putman and Rosita Missoni and feels that perfection should be a given, not something to strive for – just as well then that she believes nothing is impossible.


Alex Jurkiewicz: Senior Designer

Alex wants to live in a world filled with dogs, calorie-free gelato and endless art galleries located on the sandy beach somewhere in North London, where headphones don’t knot and people smile at strangers.
She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and has Masters degrees in Art and Interior Design….Geek!
Petite, insightful and a little bit of a neat freak, she finds inspiration in people, travelling and urban spaces.
Although Alex is a real homebird, she can often be spotted walking with her dog Charlie on Hampstead Heath or exploring various London markets and exhibitions.


Marie Sophie Roussel: Junior Designer

Marie Sophie has a fondness for cheese and anything issued from aged grapes. She studied at the Pratt Institute of Design in New York where she adopted Jean-Charles, most commonly known as Charlie the bichon. She might be the baby of the studio but definitely makes up for it in height, towering over the team with a proud 1800mm. She loves walking around Regents Park and hosting aperitifs at home. Marie Sophie was born in France but has lived a globe trotter’s life with a count of 11 moves. She has now set base in North London.


Rabea Deen: Interior Designer

Rabea is an ex-pharmacist who has been trained as an Interior Designer at the KLC School of Design in Chelsea. She hails from a family of successful Interior Designers and her passion for the creative world has seen her run her own makeup studio in the past.  She eventually decided that it is Interior Design she is most passionate about and graduated from KLC with Merit. She is of Pakistani origin and has lived in various parts of the world for over ten years now. She seeks her inspiration from her frequent travels to the Mediterranean and Asia. She likes to spend her time practising yoga, visiting galleries and socialising with friends.


Augustus Dimple Wynne

Gus, MBBCA (Member of the British Ball Chasing Academy) CSG (Chartered Snoring Guild), has had a colourful history: he was discovered young, as a licking protégé, and was pegged as a “rising star” by Puppies Quarterly and appeared on their “4 Frenchies under 4” watch list. Then, as is common with young talent, Gus proceeded to flunk out of training school after his first semester to “find himself”. He put his life on paws and took a gap-year to Goa where he perfected his downward and upward dog pose and found his inner peace. With a calm temperament described as being ‘quiet within himself’, he has the character traits of an artistic dreamer yet displays the mannerisms of an uncoordinated circus clown, resulting in many a hilarious tumble and trip.

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